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Expecting one thing and the complete opposite happens

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Here I am, three days from my opening date to my new salon Narcissus Styling Company. Not expecting to be in here until mid August, life threw a curve ball my way. Lucky for me, I played softball.

While up to bat to find temporary salon equipment, I pulled the mirror off my parents wall, and rush ordered off Amazon. I have had this amazing vision of how I was expecting my salon to look on opening day. Now I find myself constantly overanalyzing how empty and unfinished it looks due to my beautiful equipment on backorder. ( Thank you Covid)

Life does not always pan out how we want it or expect it too. How we react to the situation ultimately defines the outcome. I am thankful for this opportunity even though there are some definite unexpected challenges in my way.

On July 26th 2021, rain or shine, I know I will hit the ground running with a home run. The doors to Narcissus Styling Company will officially be open for business. I have the most loyal and kind clients in the world and I cannot wait to share this experience and process with them.

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