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Finally Here.....Well almost

I have officially been open for 1 month. My equipment showed up 2 weeks ago. Thanks to my amazing family we had it built and put into place in one weekend. It is everything I have ever imagined and more. My shampoo stations are so comfortable I have often thought of dozing off in them on my breaks.

New clients are coming in every week to see and try out the new space. My goal as a stylist is to create an intimate, elite experience for the client. Clients can come in, relax, unload their day on me if needed and not have to worry about others overhearing. There is not an excess of background noise so I can fully pay attention to them while they are talking. Clients will be able to have a signature seasonal drink ( once espresso machine arrives), a snack if needed for those longer extension appointments, and can enjoy a place of undivided attention.

I still have little odds and ends to add to finish off the space, but for now I am thrilled with the outcome and how things are coming together. I often am asked if I have made the right choice on venturing out on my own. My answer is always the same, I love and miss the girls from the other salon dearly but I have definitely made the right decision for myself and my family. (I will get into that in another post at another time) Until then, take care and compliment a stranger. It will make their day, I promise.

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