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Rise, Hike, Inflation....Wait....WHAT?

It is no surprise to anyone today that prices have gone up everywhere. Your groceries, fuel, your morning coffee, and more than likely your hair appointment. This is never an easy decision for a stylist to have to make, especially these days when most clients paychecks are not seeing the same increase..

In the month of December alone we saw an average inflation of 8.9%. That is an incredible jump from a yearly average of 2.4%. The gloves we use to protect ourselves from the chemicals being used went from $8.00 a box to a whopping $18.00, not to mention the cost of color, styling products, utility costs, and increase in cleaning supplies. As a result your appointments may have seen an increase in price to help cover these costs.

I love what I do. I love being able to create fabulous art everyday with my clients hair. I love making you all feel beautiful and radiant at every appointment. Without these adjusted price increases, stylists would be losing money at the end of every appointment. As a stylist I have carefully calculated the best way to go about the increase. I have purchased a specialized program that calculates down to the very drop of products being used. Any color left over that has not been used in the appointment is then subtracted from the total so you are never overcharged for what is being used. I hope this can help to keep the increase to a minimum.

In the meantime if you are looking to save a little money in the long run you can try a more lived in look with your color. This helps create a softer grow out at the roots letting you go longer in between appointments. Clients who love to have their wisdom covered (gray) with roots and highlights can alternate with having their highlights touched up every other appointment. This also helps your overall hair health as well. USE PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS purchased from a PROFESSIONAL SALON!!!! This one has a huge impact on the longevity of your color. Most store-bought shampoo and conditioners contain a high amount of water and alcohol which can dry out your hair leaving it feeling brittle and your color dull. If you are spending good money on your service, why would you not spend a little extra on the aftercare?

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